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Cuddly Grey VEGAN Goose (Senger Pre-Order)

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The perfect non-toxic cuddly toy for your sweet little babe.

These geese flew all the way from Germany to spread love and cuddles into the Snow & Wolf community!

Both the small and large geese come with a removable warming pillow to help soothe your little one. Alternatively, the small pillows can also be cooled to give your little ones (and yourself) the plushest boo-boo friend out there!

The heads and feet are filled with lambswool and exterior skin is made from cotton.

Large Details + Materials:

Cotton, Dinkel Fur (Spelt), Zipper 

80 x 69 x 17cm

Small Details + Materials:

Cotton, Cherrystones, Zipper
47 x 37 x 11cm

Pre-Order Details

Ends Thursday 11/11 at 8 pm EST 

Spots to Fill: 10 (FILLED! AKA, this is set to run!)

$1 Donated to the National Park Foundation with every order!


Senger hopes to have these shipped from Germany prior to Christmas, but there are absolutely no guarantees or any rough delivery estimates on this order. Typically in the past, we have received orders within 6-8 weeks, but again, we are unable to estimate any turnaround time window for this international pre-order. I can promise that as soon as these cuddly friends reach Snow & Wolf, they will be off to their new happy homes ASAP!

Please use code SENGER at checkout to receive a special 15% discount for participating in our pre-order and shopping small with us!

Senger Naturwelt creates sustainable, heirloom-quality toys by hand. We love their commitment to natural products and local European sourcing. Lovingly handcrafted, a Senger Naturwelt cuddly animal will be a friend for life!