Pre-Order Updates + Policies

Pre-Order Policies

New Pre-Orders are curated each week for our Snow & Wolf Community! Check them out, and be the first to try our newest brands.

Every Pre-Order has a minimum number of spots needed to be filled, in order for the pre-order to be put into production  (exactly like in our VIP group!)

If you purchase an item from a pre-order that does not hit the minimum number of slots, as indicated in the pre-order details, your order will be canceled/refunded.

Pay close attention to the turnaround time, as well as the deadlines for when Pre-Order windows end, as these are always changing and don't stay up, for long! We dona't want anyone missing out on these great opputunities for for new goodies with a deal!

Due to the nature of our Pre-Orders, and incentives, all pre-order items are considered final sale. Thank you for understanding!

All in-stock items purchased with your pre-order items will be fulfilled together. If you would like in-stock items shipped immediately, please checkout separately. 

When purchasing any of pre-order items, you ackowledge that you have read and understand the Pre-Order terms and conditions.


Pre-Order Updates


Senger Naturwelt (Updated 12/21)

Will be arriving AFTER the holidays. It is Estimated to ship late January, but that estimate is not guaranteed. 

While there is still no delivery estimate on this order, we are hopeful for a January fulfillment but again, no promises on that. I will update as soon as I get word from Senger!

Wanakome Winter Pre-Order (Updated 12/21)

Our Winter Pre-Order collection order has shipped!
Our packages left Canada 12/20/21, and will be packaged up as soon as they arrive.

Leftover stock will be added to the website as soon as our pre-orders are fulfilled.

Wanakome Spring Pre-Order (Updated 12/21)

Our Spring Wanakome Pre-Order collection is set

to arrive in March.

Moonie (Updated 12/21)

Moonie is ahead of schedule! Our package left Poland on 12/21 and should arrive prior to New Years according to our tracking!