The Spencer Family

Nice to meet you!

I’m Kiarra, and I’m the owner of Snow & Wolf. Together with my husband, Jake, we raise our wild little toddler, Snow Aria. Collectively, we love traveling, camping, hiking, and trying new restaurants!



| S’more Enthusiast | Crunchyish | Dreamer |

I’m an idealist that brings the spontaneity & wanderlust into my family. High energy with a “Let’s Go!” attitude that may feel rushed to some (ahem, Jake) but that’s only because I want to experience what’s next!



| Craft Beer Drinker | Gamer | Skateboarder |

The chillest realist you’ll ever meet. He is the calm to my storm, and Snow’s favorite human being. He loves grilling, at home and at camp, and is ridiculously good at math. If Sunday were a human, it would be Jake. With all the late morning, big breakfast, and relaxed vibes.



| Ice Cream Lover | Trail Blazer | Nearly Feral |

The true definition of boundless energy. She loves to climb, chase, and be chased. A dog lover who likes to stop, pet, and hug all the dogs we meet.